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Best Of Bowie at Vershuset, BNæstved, Denmark

Verantwortlicher Autor: Ole Braad-Sørensen Vershuset, Denmark, 05.03.2019, 11:15 Uhr
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Best Of Bowie on Vershuset, Denmark
Best Of Bowie on Vershuset, Denmark  Bild: Ole Braad-Sørensen

Vershuset, Denmark [ENA] Naestved, Denmark [ENA] On the night between sunday the 10th and monday the 11th of January 2016, David Bowie died from cancer. His death shocked most fans, as it happened just three days after his 69th birthday, and simultaneous release of his latest album “Blackstar”. His music lives forever.

Among the tunes on Blackstar, we find the almost obituary-like “Lazarus” containing lines such as: Look up here, I’m in heaven - I’ve got scars that can’t be seen - I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen - Everybody knows me now. David Bowie was one of a kind, if there ever was one. A man who influenced several generations with his songs, lyrics, many looks and overall sense of artistic expression. We in the danish tribute band Best of Bowie are proud to be able to continuously celebrate the music of a true master every time we go on stage. Rest in Peace!

Best of Bowie is a tribute to an artist who’s truly one of a kind – David Bowie. The band plays a selection of what they consider some of the best songs from Bowie’s huge body of work, amassed over a career spanding 5 decades! Being that the sheer amount of material is so staggering, and the fact that Best of Bowie keep expanding their repertoire, the actual songs being played on any particular night, may be different from the night before. This keeps it interesting and fresh for the band themselves, as well as for the fans who are there night after night.

In addition to the live musical performance, Best of Bowie like to spice things up whenever possible. This could take the form of picture shows, props, actors on stage, or other effects that may add an extra -usually visual- dimension to the show. Things that the band feel are in the spirit of David Bowie’s universe. Bowie of course being widely known for his accomplishments in acting, painting, poetry, and other art forms. The band Best of Bowie was founded by guitarist Flemming Rasch more than ten years ago, and had to see several musicians come and go, before finally -in 2012- arriving at the line up that you’ll meet today, considered by many the most dedicated, focused and authentic band playing Bowie’s songs in northern Europe.

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