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Italy celebrates Borromini

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 26.07.2017, 10:52 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] A gold coin with a nominal value of 20 euros in the 2017 has been dedicated by Italy to Francesco Borromini, (1599–1667), a swiss architect from Ticino, a leading figure of the Italian baroque style. A 20 euro commemorative coin of the 350th anniversary from the dead.A great innovator, Francesco Borromini worked almost exclusively in Rome, experimented with complex geometries and original decorative solutions.

Coin celebrating Bernini

His original decorative solutions contrasted with the forms of Renaissance tradition and Gian Lorenzo Bernini's classicism. He was a keen student of the architecture of Michelangelo and the ruins of Antiquity. Borromini developed an inventive and distinctive, if somewhat idiosyncratic, architecture employing manipulations of Classical architectural forms, geometrical rationales in his plans and symbolic meanings in his buildings.

Among its architectural masterpieces are the Romanesque churches of San Carlo at the Quattro Fontane and Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, as well as the elliptical staircase of Palazzo Barberini in Rome. The coin was made by Uliana Pernazza, artist of the Italian State Mint, and has a circulation of 1,200 pieces for the 'proof' version. On the right there is the image of Francesco Borromini, inspired by a self-portrait in the church of San Carlo at the Four Fountains in Rome. On the other side, there is the helical flight of steps inside Palazzo Barberini.

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