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The "Strega Award" has formalized the 12 finalists

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The first presentation of the competing books will be held in Benevento on the 12th April
The first presentation of the competing books will be held in Benevento on the 12th April   Bild: Strega Awards

EN [ENA] The "Strega Award" has formalized the 12 finalists of the prestigious literary event. The path of this 73rd international edition illustrated by "La Biblioteca della Gra". Here are the reviews of the twelve finalist books, edited by "Literary Blog" by Graziana Ingrosso.

The LXXIII edition of the Premio Strega, promoted by the Maria and Goffredo Bellonci Foundation and by Liquore Strega, kicked off with the announcement of the selection of the twelve candidates. The candidate books will be voted by a jury composed of the 400 Sunday Friends, from 200 foreign voters selected from 20 Italian cultural institutes, by 40 strong readers selected from 20 libraries associated with the Ali, and by 20 collective votes of libraries, universities and reading circles. The first presentation of the competing books will be held as usual in Benevento, the city of the Strega liqueur, on 12 April while the first vote, which will select the five finalists, will take place on 12 June in the Temple of Hadrian in Rome.

Since 1947, Italy has been waiting impatiently every year for the winner of the most famous literary award, the Strega Award. It was established in Rome by Maria Bellonci and Guido Alberti, owner of the manufacturer of the Strega liqueur, from which it takes its name. Today it is managed by the homonymous Bellonci Foundation. The books that compete in the race are marked by the "friends of Sunday", which is the group that made the history of the award. There are four hundred people belonging in various capacities to the world of Italian culture. Each of them can nominate a book published in Italy that year. Fifty-seven titles have been announced this year. It was then up to the Award Committee to select the 12 finalist titles.

The regulation provides for two more juries. The readers' jury, reported by the libraries associated with the ALI (Associazione Librai Italiani); this year, 20 collectives expressed by schools, universities and 15 reading circles at the Rome Libraries will also cast their votes, as well as 200 votes expressed by Italian and foreign scholars, translators and intellectuals selected from 20 Italian cultural institutes abroad . Since 2009 also the Dante Alighieri Society has expressed one of the collective votes that contribute to the election of the five and the winner. The number of voters reaches a total of 660 eligible for this edition.

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