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BBC invites 2018 training candidates to the UK

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg London, 22.03.2018, 11:17 Uhr
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London [ENA] The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is inviting candidates to apply for an 11-month journalism traineeship in the United Kingdom that is open also to non-academics but requires some prior journalistic activity, the broadcaster has announced in London. Trainees will be based at any of the BBC’s national or regional news centers across the UK, including London, Cardiff and Belfast.

The scheme starts in September 2018 and runs for 11 months. The deadline to apply is April 4. Placements will be within the BBC News and Current Affairs across radio, television, digital and online. Trainees receive GBP20,800 (outside London) or GBP25,360 (in London) with the BBC also covering some travel and accommodation expenses during training periods. According to the BBC this training as a broadcast journalist with the biggest broadcasting organization in the world accepts applicants with a minimum age of 18 that offer a real passion and determination to train as a professional journalist.

Specialists and senior BBC journalists will carry out he training and mentors will support and guide participants during the course. Creative, curious and resilient storytellers who should be fascinated by news and current affairs and have a passion for writing would be ideal candidates but need to show some evidence of journalistic experience ie writing articles for a newspaper, working at a radio station, or creating social media content or have a Video blog. No academic qualifications are needed because the broadcaster believes potential, talent and determination are more important.

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