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Engaging Communities: Call for Applications

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Frankfurt [ENA] With funding from Robert Bosch Stiftung and News Integrity Initiative, the University of Oregon’s Agora Journalism Center is offering eight mini grants across Europe and North America to support community engagement activities. Selected applicants will receive up to € 10,120 in support and mobility grant funding. Submission deadline is Friday, 19 April before 5 pm Pacific Time/17:00 (GMT-8).

With trust in the media weakening on both sides of the Atlantic, organizers say journalism is under pressure to reinvent itself in order to fulfill its vital role in safeguarding democracy. News media organizations are recognizing the importance of engaging the public through storytelling, transparent newsrooms, and community outreach projects. The project, “Engaging Communities: Reflecting on the Work of Engaged Journalism,” aims to achieve cross-border collaboration with practitioners in the media by supporting existing projects focused on building connections and trust with their communities, convening projects that will benefit from reflecting on how to assess, demonstrate and articulate the value and impact of their engagement work.

Selected applicants will receive funding to expand on their engagement project as well as attend two facilitated sessions with the grantee cohort to share best practices and recognize opportunities for collaboration. Each project leader/project representative will also visit a fellow participant’s project in order to gain a deeper understanding of the day-to-day operations of their engagement work. Application must be in English using the form to be found on (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSep 0NpMnl0R6Dy3-VJt7bWXwN7Au9qED5szHjwFICN0uWnOSw/viewform). Candidates are also requested to designate a project leader who will communicate with Agora Journalism Center staff and oversee the completion of the proposed project.

The initial Engaging Communities workshop will take place in Portland, OR, June 13-14, 2019. Organizers encourage applications from projects that are embedded within news media organizations. The award includes the expected expenses for traveling to two cohort gatherings, one in the U.S. and one in Europe, as well as the cross-border visit to another project. Additionally, selected projects will receive mentorship and guidance from leading practitioners. On time commitment, project leaders must be available for the Engaging Communities workshop, to visit another project site during the summer/fall of 2019 and welcome a fellow Engaging Communities participant at his or her host site.

Winners must also participate in a follow-up Engaging Communities convening in Europe in November 2019 and in monthly video conference calls with the cohort as well as their project mentors (details, dates and location TBD). Apart from the deadline on 19 April the project timeline includes: April 30 Awardees will be informed; May 15 - Public announcement of the awarded projects; June 13/14 - Attend the gathering in Portland to participate in a peer-learning workshop; July to October - Carry out cross-border visits; November - Attend a second gathering with the cohort in Europe. Any questions will be answered by the Engaging Communities’ project director, Andrew DeVigal, at adevigal@uoregon.edu.

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