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Mongolian Army at home and abroad

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 27.12.2017, 07:57 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] The ancient Mongol army, like other great armies had its strengths and weaknesses and its historical glories. The modernization of Mongolia’s military toady maintains a number of historical aspects which are crucial in shaping military principles, core values, and social influences.These historical aspects are linked to the fundamental changes, progress, and sometimes regressions of Mongolian military affairs.

At its peak, the empire of the Mongols stretched from eastern Europe to eastern Siberia and the Korean Peninsula, connecting and bridging cultures, societies, and ideologies. When the Mongol army conquered new areas, it provided the empire with an opportunity of modernization : to gain access to new goods and services, exotic cultures and societies, and access to new military equipment, tactics, and strategies relationship with neighbor Russia became the main source of learning, technology, weapons, and strategies. Russia-Mongolia military ties grew strong during Mongolia’s struggle against the Qing dominance in 1911, but improved significantly during World War II.

The National Center for Emergency and Disaster Relief is a crucial part of the military. The National Center for Emergency and Disaster Relief’s programs have produced humanitarian medics and construction engineers who build schools, hospitals, and emergency centers, especially in rural areas like Gobi-Altai, Bayan-Ulgii, and Orkhon provinces. Despite these duties at home, Mongolia’s military is also active abroad. Mongolia’s foreign policy objectives are linked with military diplomacy and have played an important role in military relations. Mongolia has technological agreements with Germany and 30 other countries and has a close military-technology accord with Russia, China, Turkey, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Since 2001, the Mongolian military has been part of the American-led coalition’s counterterrorism efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Mongolians provided the most extraordinary example of international support, according to US forces engaged in Afghanistan. It’s remarkable that Mongolia , a landlocked country of just three million people, nearly half of whom still lead a nomadic life, provides any aid at all to the international force. In 2006, Mongolia became the first country to host a multinational military training in the Northeast Asia region, the U.S.-supported :Command Post Exercise and Field Training Exercise with Global Peace Operations Initiative (GOI).

Mongolia also helps protect women and children from armed militias through UN Peacekeeping Operations in the Middle East and North Africa. Mongolia ranks 30th out of 123 countries with 950 peacekeepers operating in various countries . More than 850 Mongolian peacekeepers, stationed in South Sudan, were awarded the UN Medal in May 2017. These cases illustrate both the modernization of Mongolia’s military as a whole and its contribution to the global peace

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