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Tourism in Azerbaijan

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Rome [ENA] Azerbaijan, in the Caucuses region, is a country that connects both Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Caucasian Albanian kingdom amalgamated a native Caucasian identity to build a unique state in a region of vast empire-states. However, in the 2nd or 1st century BCE the Armenians largely reduced the Albanian territories to the south and conquered the territories of Karabakh and Utik,

populated by various Caucasian Albanian tribes, such as Utians, Gargarians and Caspians. During this time the border between Albania and Armenia was along the river of Kura. As the region became a field of wars when Romans and Parthians began to expand their domains, most of Caucasian Albania came under the domination of Roman legions under Pompey and the south being controlled by the Parthians. A rock carving of what is supposed to be the eastern-most Roman inscription survives just south-west of Baku at the site of Gobustan. It is inscribed by Legio XII Fulminata at the time of emperor Domitian. Caucasian Albania subsequently came fully under Parthian rule.

During Median and Persian rule, many Caucasian Albanians adopted Zoroastrianism and then switched to Christianity prior to coming of Muslim Arabs and more importantly Muslim Turks. The Turkic tribes are alleged to have arrived as small bands of ghazis whose conquests led to the Turkification of the population as largely native Caucasian and Iranian tribes adopted the Turkic language of the Oghuz and converted to Islam over a period of several hundred years. Located on the Caspian Sea, there are picturesque subtropical seaside resorts. Azerbaijan’s name means the Land of Fire, so a trip to a flaming mountain or a mud volcano is a must.

There are hillside towns that hide ancient mosques and minarets, as well as some of the most impressive modern architecture in the world in the form of the Flame Towers in Baku so Azerbaijan has much to offer visitors at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, lies along the Caspian Sea, and is a curious mix of the old walled city of Icheri Seher, and a modern building fashion that has led a boom in skyscrapers, many of which are covered with LCD screens. The Flame Towers, three towers built to resemble fire that cast a bronzed glow over the city at night are very peculiar. The Museum of the Contemporary Art owns over 900 artworks of modern culture.

A visit to Teze Bazaar, a market famous for its cheeses and spices and then to have a kebab, a local delicacy at one of the numerous open restaurants found all over the city is a nice stopover . The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Pololikashvili met on 4 April 2018 in Baku H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Republic of Azerbaijan to discuss the development of the tourism sector in the country and how to further strengthen cooperation between Azerbaijan and UNWTO.

The following issues were addressed during the meeting: the 10th Anniversary of the Baku Process, the remarkable growth of international arrivals to Azerbaijan which peaked at +20% in 2017; the support of UNWTO to Azerbaijan in the implementation of investment projects, visa facilitation, open skies policy, the strengthening of cooperation within the UNWTO Executive Council and UNWTO assistance to the country in the areas of innovation and education.In the coming days, Mr Pololikashvili will open the 17th Azerbaijan International Travel and Tourism Fair and address the Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU).

“In 2017, Azerbaijan saw international tourist arrivals grow by an impressive 20%. This enormous growth is the result of supportive policies on issues such as visas and investment, government commitment and leadership. I congratulate Azerbaijan for this success, which is far above the global average growth for 2017 of 7% in the world and look forward to strengthening our already solid cooperation” said the Secretary-General. During his official visit, the Secretary-General also met Mr Abulfas Garayev, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to discuss overall cooperation opportunities with UNWTO.

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