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Cibus is coming back to Parma

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 01.02.2018, 12:24 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Cibus is coming back: the most noteworthy food Italian fair will be held in the city of Parma from 7th to 10th May, 2018. More than 3,000 exhibiting companies and an increasing number of Italian and international buyers are expected in Parma. The International Food Exhibition in Italy, is the key event of the Italian agri-food sector, the “platform” allowing the companies interested in “Made in Italy” food to meet the major distributors, importers and professional of domestic and foreign markets.

Cibus is reserved just to food professional of retail, import-export and Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café from Italy and abroad. This year there is a dedicated area which will exhibit the most innovative products and the incoming programme for foreign buyers has been increased and a new exhibition pavilion will be opened. The Italian food sector ends 2017 with remarkable results: export increased by +7% versus the previous year with a 32.1 billion euros value. The main food export markets, in addition to Europe and United States, are Canada, Japan, Australia and Russia.

Cibus in Parma

In Asia the main export destinations are: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. The role of Cibus as a platform for exports (it is be held in the even years, whereas “Cibus Connect” is organised in odd years) will be confirmed by the arrival in Parma of the buyers from the most important retailers, such as: Metro Canada, H-E-B, Sam's Club, Publix Supermarkets, Wakefern, Whole Foods and Kehe Distributors (from North America); Grupo Pao de Açucar and Cencosud (from South America); Mercadona, Coop Suisse, Rewe Group, Auchan Retail, Delhaize, Axfood, Sodexo, Marks&Spencer (from Europe); Womai, Metro Cash&Carry China, BHG Group, Daimaru, Aeon Group, Lotte, Emart, Village Grocer (from Asia); Panda, Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket

and Spinneys (from the Middle East). Some of the buyers will be able to visit the Parma region food valley. The scouting and recruiting of key foreign buyers were carried out together with the italian ICE Agency (Foreign Trade Institute) and an international roadshow that Cibus has developed in the main target markets: at the Anuga Exhibition in Germany, in Paris and in the coming months in London, Hamburg, Tokyo during Foodex, and at the Summer Fancy Food of New York.

Cibus2018 will also present a new pavilion built to meet the growing request for exhibiting space: an area for the most innovative and original food products placed on the market, selected by a panel of experts. During Cibus 2018, the Pavilion 8 will be opened and reserved to institutional customers, i.e. regional specialities and joint projects. A new design that will have room for the Food Court of the various Italian regions with a space dedicated to recipes, cooking shows and tasting area “all-in-one", all designed as a gallery of flavours and tasting, managed by skilled chefs and cooking schools.

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